ALPHA KAPPA TAU—This weekend, Morgan Peterson (CAS ’19) was officially assigned to her new “big,” introducing her to a long line of heritage, filled with littles, bigs, and grand bigs.

“I’m having such a good time learning about all of these women,” said Peterson. “Except one kinda weird thing is that my great grandbig keeps talking about her experience during World War I.”

Peterson’s “Great Grandbig” Ethel Johnson (CAS ’13) regaled stories from her past, as she rolled her hair up in curlers and gave her grandlittle a nickel, which she assured her could get her “to the city and back.”

“Well back when the war started, mah and pah was just farmers,” said Johnson. “But then little Jimmy got drafted for the war, and things changed quite a bit for our family.”

Johnson’s favorite past times include going to the vaudeville, backgammon, and telling stories from her past over and over again.

“Would you teach me how to use a touch screen?” said Johnson to Peterson.

“I’m just so excited to learn about my family’s history,” said Peterson.

At press time, Johnson was thinking of taking up knitting and being vaguely racist.

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