Photoshopped by Maddy Schmidt (COM '21)
Reid Phillips (COM '22)

Reid Phillips is a Film & TV major from New Jersey, and is therefore an unapologetic Chris Christie stan. When not busy writing fake articles, and acting like it's hard, she can be found blankly staring at her computer in the library with an unopened textbook.

Women’s History Month just happened, which means it’s time to reflect on the amazing accomplishments of various women around the world. From Susan B. Anthony to Margaret Thatcher, girl power has been a crucial component in our current society. 

But, no matter how many girlbosses have been able to exploit people throughout history, there is still more that can be done. That’s why The Pinky Toe is launching our campaign to get more women in embezzlement. 

Hear us out: the gender pay gap is still in full effect. Women make up the majority of covid layoffs, women’s products are marked up for no reason, and stay at home moms receive no compensation for their emotional labor. It’s only fair that we pocket some extra cash!

Female bank tellers already have to deal with so much, why shouldn’t they take a little bit off the top? Female senator using campaign funds to go to Cabo? Go off sis! 

While not everyone can pull off a grand scheme, there are ways that every woman can practice embezzlement in her day to day. That time you generously paid for your friends’ Uber? Tax writeoff! The splinter you got at work? That’s a lawsuit, babe!

If we can’t seize the means of production, mismanaging them is the least we can do. 

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