CAS—After three weeks of class, English Major, Jenna Pinksley (CAS ’17), dropped her Victorian Lit. class to improve her GPA and let her hot professor know she’s DTF.

“I’m playing hard to get. I started by not participating in discussion or handing in homework, but then he started failing me! I think he’s just negging.”

Pinksley has not failed all of her class work. She received a D on her first Victorian Lit. essay ‘accidentally’ titled “Great Sexpectations: Why I Love Dickens.”

“He gave me a 69. Do you think that’s a sign?” Pinksley asked at her TA’s office hours, while other students waited to get their paper’s edited. “Has he said anything about me?”

At press time, Pinksley was seen registering for Shakespearean Lit. just to make him jealous.

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