Each year Boston University’s freshman tribe class of monkeys students grows more and more competitive, the Class of 2019 being no exception. With an average SAT score of 2039, record breaking geographical diversity, and an affinity for bananas extra-curricular activities, this year’s Freshman Class will be the most primal impressive yet.

Monkeys Students represent all 260 species different ethnic groups including Orangutan African American, Baboon Caucasian, Japanese Macaque Asian American, Mandril Puerto Rican, and Gibbon Hispanic.

“I’m so excited to be a part of the Boston University community!” said incoming freshman Bing Bong (COM ’19) as she bent her definitely opposable thumbs, “It’s a great place to go when you get out of the zoo high school.”

“We were all recruited by that nice dean, Jane Goodall Kenneth Elmore!” said another incoming freshman Lulu (CAS ’19) as she climbed a tree attended her senior prom.

At Press time, the Class of 2019 were picking through each other’s hair for lice and braiding it.

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