PSY B56—After not talking in her muted group chat “Warren 6Bitchezzz” since May 2017, Wei-Tu Busy (SAR ‘20) finally reached out to her friends with a heartfelt survey for her psychology class.

Busy’s friends, despite not hearing from her for months, were happy to do her this favor. Matt Wong (CAS ‘20), who reportedly stopped asking Busy to get lunch after a few tries in September, felt this was a nice reminder that Busy will always be there for him.

“I thought she didn’t care about our friendship anymore, but then she asked how my mental health was doing, if I was feeling overwhelmed by my workload this semester, and all this nice stuff. Well—the survey she sent asked me that.”

The group chat was formed in September of Busy’s freshman year, when she became close with the students on her floor. The gang was inseparable, and they would spend every waking moment having incredibly loud conversations in the common room.

Sabrina Stein (CAS ‘21), Busy’s freshman-year roommate, expressed gratitude for Busy’s message.

“She’s been kind of distant since she joined more clubs,” said Stein. “It’s just cool to know she still values us, as long as we’re sophomores who aren’t on any anti-depressants.”

At press time Busy was seen reaching out to her friends from freshman orientation, to ask if anyone could hold a class for her.

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