RICH HALL—Freshman Ryan Liu (CAS ’18) is feeling “a bit stressed out” after registering for 53 clubs at this year’s annual SPLASH event, the Student Activities Office’s extracurricular showcase which exhibits nearly every club BU has to offer.

“At first I signed the sheets for the free stuff,” Liu admitted. “But the ambassadors made me feel so important, and suddenly I was doing it for the companionship.”

The week following SPLASH is generally a week full of unwanted emails and invitations. Liu, who hasn’t slept in 11 days, accepted all of these.

“Scheduling is a little tricky. But on a good day I can at least get the suit on for Beekeeping, squeeze out a few notes at Mustard Seed, and catch the closing remarks at the African Students Organization.”

Liu’s friends and FYSOP acquaintances are concerned for his wellbeing.

“Ryan couldn’t afford to come out with us last weekend because he paid over $200 in dues,” said Liu’s roommate, Ben McGuire (COM ’18). “But he’s a good guy, and it’s nice to see him getting involved.”

At the time of his interview, two weeks had passed since McGuire had seen his roommate in person.

Despite the inevitable sacrifices, Liu says he is enjoying his involvement.

“College is about exploring all of the opportunities available to you, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I really think I can be an asset to these clubs.”

At press time, Liu was seen running down Commonwealth Avenue, knitting needles and kilt in hand.

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