By: Bridget Fekety


Everyone always told me moving to Boston would be magical, and I knew it as soon as I stepped foot onto the Boston University campus. Immediately I was enchanted by the city: when a dude passive aggressively flipped me off from his scooter the other day, all I could think was, “Wow. I’m living the fast-paced city life now. Better speed up!”; I couldn’t help but marvel at his distinct city-funk!

Of course there were things like wind, streets, and people back in Schwenksville, PA, but something about it just feels different here. Nothing screams “big city” more than nearly getting run down by traffic on my daily walk to Target! 

However, recently Boston brought me a little more magic than expected. I was strolling down Comm Ave when my eye caught sight of a brightly colored poster with wacky font on a nearby street pole. Being the independent, girlboss city gal I was now, I whipped out my Google Maps (I never go anywhere without it; Boston’s so big, I don’t want to get lost!) and made my way over to the street corner. 

Upon further examination, a kind stranger was inviting me to some sort of rave. Neat! Of course all my time would be spent culturing myself by eating at the same two restaurants a couple minutes away from my dorm on Comm Ave, but I felt the big city partying fatigue by just looking at it! And that was when the wind began to pick up.

Boston, I knew, was known for its formidable winds, but this was absolutely ridiculous! My hair blew in my eyes so aggressively that I couldn’t even tell where I was stumbling as I attempted to map my way back to Comm Ave. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought I’d been swept up in some sort of tornado or something!

When my eyes finally managed to open, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; where was Marsh Chapel? And the BU beach? And why are there people above the age of 25 here!? Panic began to settle in my soul, so I whipped out my official Boston University Rhett plushy for comfort.

“Rhett,” I began, scraping my silver Nike’s anxiously against an uneven red-bricked road, “I don’t think we’re in Boston anymore!” 

Surrounding me were some of the shortest men I’d ever seen. Of course there were some short individuals on campus as well, but these little lads were distinctively small; they reminded me of a Dunkins munchkin! 

Tentatively, I crept my way through the crowd and caught sight of an incredibly strange landmark and–wait! I think I’ve seen this sign!

Before me was a large WHOOP, however it wasn’t sat atop its usual perch. Rather, it lied prostrate on the street with some sort of lady in an extravagant dress stuck under it! I’m a city girl now, so I’m supposed to mind my own business all the time, but I hope she’s okay!

At one point as I continued to slowly explore my way through this mysterious new environment, I thought I was being cornered by a squad of monkeys of some kind. The hoots, howls, and hollars came from high above: flying monkeys!?

Alas, upon looking up I saw no monkeys, but rather just some construction workers whistling at me as I walked past. Still feeling greatly threatened, however, I scurried even deeper into the sea of people before me.

There was talk of some man–or men? I couldn’t quite make it out–in green that was indescribably popular amongst these people. It was rumored that this individual, who I’m beginning to gather might actually be an entire team of individuals, can solve all our worldly problems! The Celtics, I think they said?

Anyways, at that point I decided I must try and make my way home, but as I was getting ready to Google Search “comm ave boston,” I saw a strange sign before me. What’s even stranger was that the sign said I was still in Boston! Next to it was a post that told me I was on some street named, “Boylston Street”.

The very shock I experienced made me click my heels in fear! Suddenly, the wind picked up again and I was blinded once more. When my eyes opened, however, low and behold, I somehow was back on that very corner of Commonwealth.
“Wow, Rhett,” I began slowly, thinking back on the entire experience. “Imagine just how surprised those people would be if they came here and experienced the real city for a day!”

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