Photoshopped by Karen Martinez (COM '22)
Sam Vatalaro (COM '22)

Sam is originally from Saratoga Springs, NY majoring in Film & TV, and, well, you know what they say.

WARREN TOWERS—Monday afternoon, Ryan Dorull (SAR ’22) announced that he had begun to have doubts about his roommate’s unmarked plastic sandwich bag of ‘oregano.’

“James is great and all that,” Dorull told The Bunion. “But the only thing I’ve ever seen him cook is ramen, so it’s a little weird that he’s got a southern Italian herb in the room. Then once, I asked him if I could sprinkle some on my pizza, and he just laughed and put the oregano in his boxers and told me he was going for a walk at the Esplanade.”

“Until I hear the truth from James,” Dorull vowed to The Bunion, “I’m going to assume the ugly truth: he’s been lying to me, and it’s really cilantro.”

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