MARSH PLAZA—Free Hugs, a Boston University campus group that offers free embraces to passing students, is being forced to raise prices next week to $18 per hug after the Allocations Board gutted their funding.

“We really do want to allow Free Hugs, believe me,” said Jason Weaver (SAR ’16), who imposed the price hike. “But the marginal cost just doesn’t justify the marginal benefit. Plus, their hugs aren’t as motherly, tender, and pillow-like as they once were.”

The president of the Hugs group, Melanie Michaels (CAS ‘14), said the hugs have not suffered in quality, as Weaver asserted.

“Weaver’s a fucking dick,” Michaels said. “He doesn’t get enough hugs in his life.”

Michaels said she still thinks the group will be popular, even with a price increase.

“We’re really not upset,“ Michaels said. “I still ride the T after the hike, and I still go to BU even with that 6 percent increase.”

“I think people are willing to pay $18 for a nice hug,” Michaels added.

The rising cost of rent imposed by Marsh Chapel and the competitive atmosphere surrounding the mere billion dollars controlled by the student-run Allocations Board are the main contributing factors to the price inflation.

Members of the Hug group are planning to meet with Dean of Student Kenneth Elmore to discuss accepting Convenience and Dining Points as payment for hugs.

At press time, the BU Free Hand Jobs group had not announced any price hikes.

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