October 10th. Not only national walk to a park day, but a day for acknowledging the ever important aspect of our wellbeing- our mental health.

World mental health awareness day is a day to end the stigma surrounding mental health. Now the person you would least expect is getting in on the action. 

We spoke with Chadley, your local frat bro, about how he celebrates mental health awareness day. 

Pinky Toe – Welcome Chadley! Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today!

Chadley – Hey shawty. 

PT – Okay… so we heard that you have an interesting way of celebrating mental health awareness day. But first, how did you hear about this international holiday? 

Chadley – So I was talking to this chic right? And she said she would only send nudes if I discussed with her the importance of self care and wellbeing. So naturally, I obliged. 

PT – That is an… interesting… way to start your mental health journey. How do you choose to welcome this important day? 

Chadley – The boys and I have been winning big this semester with the girls. But then I thought… Maybe there’s more to life than banging and hanging. So I started asking them about things other than our usual “no laws when you’re drinking claws”. 

PT – What kinds of things have you asked them? 

Chadley – Mainly we’ve been talking about how they are doing and that being more important than who they are doing (but not by much). I ask them how’s it hanging but I know they lie sometimes to keep up their rad image. So I try to sneak some self care in our frat boy routines here and there. Last Sunday I did face masks with the bros. 

PT – That is amazing. Why is mental health important to you? 

Chadley – Mental health is a silent killer. Men are at a greater risk due to the stigma of us having to be tough and “manly”. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, men are 3.36 times more likely to commit suicide than women are and are also less likely to seek help. That’s why mental health is important to me. I have to keep my friends safe. 

PT – Wow that was deep. Thank you for letting us see that side of you, Chadley. Anything else you would like to add?

Chadley – Yeah actually have you seen McKenzie. Girl is smokin’. I tapped that last night. Wait… this isn’t being recorded is it? 

PT – Anyway that is all the time we have for today. Remember to do self care and check in on the people around you. Thank you!

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