By Alejandra Jimenez

Has your hair started falling out after figuring out that you can’t pay your debt with leftover dining points? Did you make a Craigslist account in hopes of selling an organ or two? Have you made an appointment to sell your plasma, fifty dollars a pop? If any of these totally-reasonable measures apply to you then fear not— The Bunion has compiled a foolproof list of BU items to sell in order to pay your housing deposit. 

  1. The BU gray lamp: Not only is this lamp practically weightless, but you can sell its individual parts for more money. There are three essential components: the light, the stand, and the wire. Fifty bucks per piece and you are that much closer to affording housing. 
  2. The BU desk: Corporate America will take it. Simply take your desk to Downtown Boston and watch all the suits salvate, but remember to bring your friends from Questrom(for negotiation purposes of course). 
  3. The BU “couch”: If you are currently living on campus, then you are in luck. The BU couch is perfect to sell to your friends living off campus. Just remember to tell them its vintage, then maybe up the price. We love secondhand shopping! 
  4. The BU radiator: This winter’s been pretty chilly, so selling your radiator to a new kid in town won’t be too much trouble. Just make sure your radiator doesn’t squirt out hot steam like mine. But again, there’s a target audience for that too! 

The BU dorm: “Quaint, bed and breakfast style apartment right in the heart of Boston”, the perfect tagline for your AirBnB description. Immenties include: fridge, bathroom, and bed. Slap on some fresh linens and vacate the premises immediately. TIP: For a little extra profit, charge all tenants a hefty clean-up fee for literally just stepping foot in the unit. 

Follow this list, and I’ll see you back on campus next semester. Hopefully.

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