1/8/13 8:26:34 PM -- Boston, Massachusetts 1/8/13 - Boston University -Trafic will be slow at night because of a Public Works Project @ St. Maryís Street. The Town of Brookline Department of Public Works has notified Boston University that their Contractor P. Gioioso & Sons will be completing the final phase of a court mandated sewer separation program. Phase One will involve working at the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue & St Maryís Street. This operation is scheduled to begin January 7, 2013 and to be completed by January 18, 2013, approximately two weeks weather depending. There will be lane restrictions on the inbound side only, during this two week period. This is an evening operation starting from 7pm to 6am.. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky for Boston University Photography

COMMONWEALTH AVENUE—It’s hard for passerby on BU campus not to take notice of the high-budget movie filming which has been taking place at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and St. Mary’s Street, following a long season of filming along the length of St. Mary’s Street in South Campus last fall.

The film, titled “The Common Wealth: Cracked Pavement”, focuses on the lives of grizzled construction men working on Commonwealth Avenue in the heart of Boston. Production began some time earlier in the fall and has continued through the start of the new semester at the university.

“We want this movie to feel polished, so we’re taking our time to meticulously craft every shot,” says director Greg Piante. “It’s going to take a lot longer, but it will definitely be worth it.” Piante says they are scheduled to continue filming for the next few months.

Many people are fooled by the quality of their production. “People think these are actual construction crews, which is really a great compliment to us,” says Piante. “We know it looks convincing, but no actual construction crew would ever take this long to finish a job on a single street.”

According to various crew members, “The Common Wealth” is far from complete. Many scenes have yet to be filmed, including scenes on Cummington Street, Bay State Road, and many others. “Once we’re finished at this spot, we plan to keep filming at a lot of different locations around the area of this campus. If you haven’t seen and heard us outside of your bedroom window, I’m sure you will soon enough.”

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