MUGAR LIBRARY—Authorities report that Boston University student Rebecca Walsh (CAS ‘16) is reading the comments section on a BU Today article with the completely mistaken idea that she’ll be able to keep up her self-esteem after reading the words that other students wrote under the blanket of Internet anonymity.

Walsh, with what officials are describing as “an incredibly naive and dangerously positive” belief in her peers’ ability to maturely discuss gender issues, went to the comment section immediately upon opening the article.

“I don’t know why she’s choosing to just intentionally ruin her day like that,” bystander Nancy Griggs (SMG ’17) said. “Like, she didn’t even consider the possibility that grown adults in a university might still retain outdated, offensive views on gender relations, and that a comment section allows them to express those views without fear of retribution.”

“Seriously, none of that occurred to her?” Griggs continued. “I’m honestly shocked.”

Other students agreed with Griggs, mentioning that they have never emerged from any Internet comment section with greater understanding of an issue, much less one from BU Today.

“I don’t know how she’s keeping her composure,” said Jack Eastman (CAS ’15). “If anyone were to say this stuff to me in person, I’d punch them in the face. And I would be completely justified.”

At press time, Walsh was moving to close her computer after reading a comment from user Pre$identRobertBrown that included the expression, “Guys rool, girlz drool, and the WNBA suks.”

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