COMMONWEALTH AVE—Studies report that due to the era of fake news that has recently emerged, it is hard to trust any sources that report the cancellation of classes.

An email on Wednesday night from Boston University reported that classes would be cancelled the following day due to extreme weather conditions.

“Yeah, I saw that email,” said Casey Flack (CAS ’18). “But, I mean, can we really be sure about something that is clearly bias? How do we know they are giving the full story?”

While speculation as to whether the private university would close its doors due to intense weather was popular on Wednesday, no one in the school felt certain that class is definitely cancelled.

“I’m just saying, if Kellyanne Conway made up a massacre, how can we actually know that it’s snowing outside?” said John Thompson, tenured professor in the political science.

At press time, skeptics were sitting in CAS classrooms, ready to have class.

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