Spooky season has officially kicked off, and BU has taken notice by creating something truly terrifying.

Environmental Rhett, a new addition to the growing collection of Rhett based architecture, is a statue featuring recycled newspaper and paint. Rhett’s “eyes” take the shape of peace signs, which is quite ironic since I haven’t experienced peace since seeing it, and I don’t think I ever will again.

Environmental Rhett has sent a powerful message about recycling newspaper, and other items in general: don’t do it.

“I will never recycle again,” says Jessica Green (SAR ‘21). “I can’t be responsible for creating something that awful.”

Other students have echoed that sentiment, opting to throw their copies of The Daily Free Press directly in the trash.

“I was almost tempted to burn it,” says David Teller (COM ‘22). “I now know what newspaper can become, and I refuse to take part in it.”

The impacts of the paper mache disgrace could potentially accelerate climate change by 15 years. While there is no evidence to substantiate that claim, it’s true. C’mon, look at it and argue that it isn’t.

To prevent yourself from witnessing the atrocity, I suggest that you stay indoors, take out your contacts, or blindfold yourself “Bird Box” style.

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