BOSTON—In a devastating blow to local greek club organizations, ‘little’ Monica Pelletier (COM ‘18) has been fired from her advertising firm after an employer found the fake Facebook account her ‘big’ made back when she first joined her college sorority, Beta Sigma.

Although inactive since April 2015, the existence of Pelletier’s fake Facebook account “Mylittlemonica Likestoplaytheharmonica” was the cause for “major internal debates” between the firm’s executives.

“Once we found out about the Facebook account, we really couldn’t turn a blind eye to it,” said Susan Dumas, HR representative for the advertising firm Pelletier was just recently dismissed from. “Some of the executives didn’t think this was a big deal but an overwhelming majority were completely appalled to find out we had hired somebody like Pelletier without doing a complete and thorough background check.”

The advertising firm Pelletier previously worked at has a “strict ‘no greek life’ employment policy” which Dumas notes Pelletier was “very well made aware of.”

Hiring paperwork documents given to The Bunion confirm this. Pelletier’s hiring contract contains a question near the end that asks: “Are you or a loved one currently involved in any sort of fraternity, sorority, or other greek life organization now or have been in the past?”

The question, according to Dumas, was left intentionally blank.

Although Monica Pelletier was unavailable for comment, The Bunion was able to contact Pelletier’s big, Christina Sobel (CAS ‘16).

“It’s a tough life for us survivors of the greek life,” wrote Sobel in an exclusive statement to The Bunion. “We were young and stupid, and we certianly made mistakes. But we paid our debt to society for them. We did the crime and we did the time. Yet, society doesn’t see it that way. They choose to focus on this part of our lives and willfully ignore everything else about us. It’s hard for us ex-greeks to find a job out there. The stigma we carry for our one moment of weakness is very real. My heart goes out to Monica and all my fellow ex-greeks that are still being held accountable for their distant mistakes.”

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