WARREN TOWERS—Boston University President Robert Brown impersonated a compassionate person in a mega spam diversity email sent out to the BU community on Monday, and some students were scammed into believing that Brown actually cared about diversity.

“I got this email from President Brown in which he said that he was deeply concerned that the promise of an inclusive society had not been met,” said Travis Johnson (CAS ‘15). “I almost clicked a link on the email, but then remembered that Brown just recently refused to attend a city council meeting on diversity and that this email was just a big crock of shit.”

The emails likely originated from a speechwriter inside President Brown’s executive office, BUPD officials said. Police said the email’s insincere language on race will make it difficult for a productive discussion to take place.

“Scammers usually go after cash or social security numbers,” said BUPD Chief Robert Molloy. “But the Brown email was selling lies, I mean this school is whiter and richer than fresh dairy cream.”

A number of students said they almost felt a sense of solidarity after reading President Brown’s garbage email before realizing that 5 percent of BU students are black and most BUPD cops are Irish white men who watch the Celtics on the weekends.

“The email sounded really convincing, I mean Brown wrote that he ‘sought to engage the wisdom of the whole community,’” said Thad Williams (ENG ’16). “After snapping out of the spell, I marked the email as SPAM and alerted police to the fraudulent scheme.”

At press time, President Brown was developing a phone scam to pilfer money, even though he was paid $1.1 million last year, a 4 percent increase from the previous year.

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