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Ali Harrison is a sophomore majoring in public relations with a minor in film and television. Even after declaring her major she still may change it...again.

BOSTON, MA — Elon Musk and President Brown have partnered to create Boston University’s first cryptocurrency called “Rhettdolla$.” 

In a since-deleted Twitter post, Elon Musk stated, “I am happy to announce that I have partnered with Boston College’s President Robert Brown to create the cryptocurrency “Rhettdolla$.” Musk continued, “Students will be able to use Rhettdolla$ at a majority of Boston University locations and for other services.” 

This is the university’s first time experimenting with cryptocurrency. 

In an email sent by Brown, he wrote, “We are happy to announce that we have partnered with entrepreneur, Elon Musk, on the creation of Rhettdolla$. Students will have the ability to spend their Rhettdolla$ at select Boston University dining services.” 

After the announcement student, XEI-69 (no relation), was asked about the new cryptocurrency. XEI-69 said, “I bought Rhettdolla$ and I just received a notification on Student Link that my registration time has changed. Yesterday, I had the last registration time and now I have the first.”

Currently, Rhettdolla$ will be accepted at the George Sherman Union, Late Night, City Co., and Raising Canes. The university is currently under negotiation with Questrom’s Starbucks about accepting Rhettdolla$ in the store. 

Questrom Dean stated about the possibility of partnering with Rhettdolla$, “If it is a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties we will accept Rhettdolla$, but currently it is not.” 

Using Rhettdolla$ also allows students exception from grade deflation, exclusive registration times, and a newly-designed student link. Students will receive exceptions from COVID-19 testing and will be given access to their TA’s Google drive. 

Ace Hole, stated, “My dad bought me some Rhettdolla$ and now I’m passing all my classes.” 

At the moment, one Rhettdolla$ is worth 1 × 10-4 US Dollar.

Questrom student, Mooney Hungary, stated, “Rhettdolla$ is the hottest stock at BU.” 

Visit www.bostonuniversity/rhettdolla$/information/scam/moneymoves/junkmail/spam/ for more information about Rhettdolla$.   

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