GOTHAM CITY—Professor Elie Wiesel, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient and Holocaust survivor, has apologized for canceling his annual lecture at Boston University, but explained that when evil pops up in this world he must instantly act to vanquish it.

“I love giving lectures to BU students on topics of religion and philosophy, but I must also keep the world safe and secure from evil,” Wiesel said. “I was really looking forward to speaking on Monday, but then Killer Moth showed up.”

Wiesel is a political activist and professor at BU who has written more than 40 books. His memoir, called “Night,” is an archive of his life in Auschwitz and Buchenwald during the Holocaust.

Sources confirm that Wiesel has also hushed The Joker, defeated Bane, and conquered Mr. Freeze.

For many years, the identity of the caped crusader known for instilling fear into the hearts of the dishonorable was unknown. But Wiesel revealed himself to be Batman last year after questions arose over why he canceled the BU lecture.

“I decided to reveal my alter ego after people weren’t sure what was up last year,” Wiesel said. “Everyone should know that Wiesel isn’t going anywhere for a while.”

At press time, Wiesel was using the Batclaw in the name of justice.

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