SCHOOL OF EDUCATION – This Sunday, university professors were shocked to learn that Elementary Education minor Ünter Ayj (SED ‘21) is actually 10 years old. Ayj has reportedly completed his second semester at Boston University and expects to graduate in 2021.

“It’s really hard to minor in elementary education,” SED advisor Cubbie Hoal told Bunion reporters. “I’m impressed that he found this loophole.”

SED professors remarked on how quickly Ayj fulfilled his minor requirements, including giggling, telling fart jokes, and initiating dining hall food fights.

When asked about his experience as an Elementary Education minor, Ayj told Bunion reporters, “I don’t get recess like I did last year, and I get a lot of homework, but my mommy gives me three cups of coffee for breakfast every day.”

At press time, Ayj was seen writing his own lesson plans while picking his nose.

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