CAS—The popular bagel company Einstein Bros Bagels has announced it will be opening an additional store on Boston University’s campus in the College of Arts and Sciences, at the end of the line for the existing franchise location.

“We wanted to open the store in a location where we knew there would be a high demand for bagels,” explained Einstein Bros Bagels CEO Wes DiMaggio.

The news of the announcement was met with high praise from those still on line at the initial branch, for whom relief efforts had started taking place. Shipments of water and clothing were being sent daily to support the suffering patrons.

“I only meant to pick up a cup of coffee on my way to class,” Greg Jackson (COM ‘17) said tearfully. “I  never thought I’d be trapped in a situation like this. The fact that they’re opening up a new Einstein’s is an absolute godsend.”

The new store will open after the planning, construction, hiring and training procedures have been completed, which those waiting saw as a huge improvement over the amount of time they were expecting to wait to reach the front of the line.

“My father started waiting on this line a few years before I was born,” said Roger Douglas (SHA ’16) “and after that I inherited the cause. Sometimes things seem hopeless, and some of us had even begun to doubt that there were any bagels waiting for us at the end at all, but this changes everything.”

At press time, Kelly’s bacon egg and cheese on an asiago bagel was ready.

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