Discovering “P”: A Research Paper On What’s “Pushin’” the Current Cultural Landscape

            When a series of Boston students were asked what “pushin’ P” is, their responses all ended with the same disclaimer: “I’m not sure, though. Does that make me stupid?” I told them that it does make them stupid, but only to make myself seem superior. In reality, however, I do not have the slightest idea what “P” is. It seems that no one does. That is, except for the classically-trained musical artist Gunna, who recently broke the Guinness World Record for “Most Ps Used In A Song.” states that Gunna is, “one of the biggest stars in hip-hop” (fact checking in-progress). If that is the case, it is no surprise that this term he has created is resetting pop culture landscapes worldwide. In order to clarify once and for all what “pushin’ P” truly is, we go right to the World Record holder himself, and uncover the meaning behind the lyrics in his song. This article is presented by Genius Lyrics.

pushin’ P — Gunna (2022)

“Okay, bought her a P, not a pill, a Porsche.”

Ok so P is a nice car, not a pill.

“Pop a P, I’m paranoid, I can’t just sleep.”

But here, P might be a pill?

“Three Ps: pop, pourin’, Porsches.”

According to my calculations, I can confirm that a Porsche is P. It also appears that P is not just a thing, but also an action as well.  

“Dropped the dot and then we plottin, exotic Ps.”

There are different genres of P? One of which is exotic?

“Copped new hammers for my P, we don’t want no peace.”

P is feral.

“Take the P out of the alphabet, try to sort it.”

He seems to be invoking the DaVinci Code here. Any cryptologists in the audience?

“I just fucked a cup of water, Pushin’ P.”

Incredibly insightful. However I still have no idea what any of this means. 

         Well, that was a bust. Though all hope seems lost, I will try to keep an open mind whilst I restlessly continue my search for P’s true meaning. It may take years for this white lady to wrap her head around it. However there is one thing we (the anthropologists of the world) know for sure: P is all around us. P is meant to be searched for. P does not want to be pinned down; only the best of the best can understand it. Maybe the real P is the pushing we did along the way. But for now, Gunna, in all his purple bucket hat and tinted-lensed glory, seems to be the only one who can truly spell out “P.”

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