SHELTON HALL—This evening marks the fifth consecutive day of proceedings by a group of students determined to establish a standard colloquial name to refer to the new Center for Student Services at 100 Bay State Road. The council, made up of three representatives from each college and school, has reached a standstill after countless hours of discussing, nominating, and voting on possible names to be considered.

“How about ‘Hun Bay’? It’s like a shorter way of saying ‘One hundred Bay State’” Offered Cindy Wan (SMG ’14). Shortly afterwards, a suggestion of “GS2” for the fifth time in thirty minutes led to a disruptive argument by the council.

“I agreed to be part of this council before I knew what I was getting into,” said a student of the Metropolitan College who asked to remain anonymous. “I’ve been here until 9:00 p.m. for the past four days. My wife thinks I’m having an affair.”

Lack of a standardized nickname for the new building has been the cause of some unrest among the student body this past week. Various groups of students have reported difficulty of knowing what name to say when suggesting a place to eat lunch to their friends.

Other suggestions for names have included CSS, 100 BSR, BSR, Czar, Hundy Bay, Hundy, Hyundai, Hundo, Hundo Calrissian, and more. At the time of writing the decision has still yet to be made, due in part to another argument caused by a suggestion of “The Center for Student Cervixes.”

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