The fake news liberal media is once again trying to control the masses. As if it weren’t bad enough that they’re saying Joe Biden (Supreme Leader of Antifa and documented COMMUNIST) won the presidency, they’re now trying to get us to wear coats! Well, liberals, you may have fooled some, but I will not budge. 

CNN and other “sources” are claiming that it’s getting colder outside, and that we should “cover-up” to avoid getting something called “hypothermia.” Well, after doing my own REAL  research on Alex Jones’ Twitter account, I learned that it’s a total hoax!      

Only 1500 people a year die from hypothermia, that’s .0005% of the US! Why should I care about something that only kills a few people? And before you say “well it’s not just about death, there are also serious long term health consequences that we don’t know about,” spare me! The only people that get affected are weak pansies, and maybe they shouldn’t be here if they can’t brave the cold like a big strong boy. 

The truth is, all you liberals are hypocrites! Filthy communists like Bernie (Venezuela) Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loooove to talk about “global warming” and “potentially raising taxes on billionaires to stop the planet from becoming inhabitable,” but then they wear coats in the winter! Which one is it guys? Oh wait, it’s all a LIE. 

They say it’s to protect you from the cold winter months, but the area I live in – which is specifically known for being hot year-round – isn’t freezing at all! Clearly, unless it’s cold in my immediate vicinity, it can’t be cold anywhere else. 

So what are the coats really meant for?  A friend of mine purchased one recently and found a tag on the inside. What could that possibly be, if not a zombie feminist microchip!? I learned on Facebook that the government uses sneaky methods to track you and steal your data. This must be one of them! 

It’s time to stop the lies and rise up. Coats are for sheep and I will not be a part of the propaganda anymore!

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