KENMORE SQUARE—This morning, Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore reminded everyone via e-mail to be safe during Halloween weekend and the final nights of the World Series by using some popular slang terms and quoting a famous House of Pain song.
“It’s fun to jump around…but you should remain wicked aware of your surroundings,” Elmore advised. “Get up, stand up, come on throw your hands up,“ he continued.

Elmore’s message also informed students about the increased police presence in Kenmore Square and how hella sweet it is to abide by the law and not set things on fire.

“I got more rhymes than there are cops that are dunkin’ / Donuts shop,” added Elmore.

“Oh, that’s nice of him,” said Terry Bridges (COM ‘15). “What a cool, hip, relatable Dean of Students we have. What is it he wants again?” Bridges said, scanning the confusing, rambling e-mail a second time. “I’d do anything for that hip dude.”

At press time, Elmore is tweeting “jump, jump, jump, jump,“ over and over again.

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