CAS—Thousands of students pass through CAS every day, checking their watches and phones to make sure they’re on time. This week, however, daylight savings reminds them of just how meaningless this whole “time” thing is.

Stacy Graham (SHA ’17) despondently commented, “Today I found myself just staring at the clock in my philosophy class. If time is so important, then why do we just randomly get an extra hour? Why do we use a base-twelve system? Clocks are really just plates with numbers on them…” before flinging her backpack into the Charles River and tiredly crawling in the general direction of her apartment.

The falling autumn leaves are yet another reminder of the endless, meaningless march of time, whatever that means.

“Who am I to receive an extra hour?” said Roy Gilbreth (ENG ‘19). “And if it was so damn easy to do, who’s to say I can’t have another hour? And then another? Time is arbitrary, its all so relative.”

Students at Boston University have not been attending classes as they stay inside and grapple with the reality of the space time continuum and the nature of identity.

Daylight savings just highlights how trivial it all is. It’s enough to make almost everything lose it’s significance…going to class…studying…writing Bunion arti

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