KENMORE SQUARE—The Daily Free Press, BU’s campus newspaper, announced this week that daily print publications will be replaced by a weekly printout of a single tweet from the paper’s Twitter feed.

The newspaper’s single sheet of paper will be tacked to a cork board inside the George Sherman Union every Friday for students to read, share or mistake for trash.

“By printing a single tweet each week, The Daily Free Press continues to stay on the cutting edge of social media implementation within student journalism, while sticking to our legacy as a physical publication,” wrote FreeP Editor-In-Chief Kyle Plantz. “We also have the bonus of staying environmentally conscious by not wasting stacks of paper from unread issues.”

Recently, readership for the paper has dropped as students turn to online media to stay up to date on current events. Plantz admitted that advertising revenue had fallen in the past couple of years, leading the paper to run up a deficit.

“Most of the tweets posted on Fridays will mainly be advertisers’ hashtags,” Plantz explained. “But we will also continue to stick to reporting what’s important to the BU community with honesty and integrity.”

“I see this as a fantastic opportunity for students to mix the best of the old-style of journalism with today’s digital revolution,” said COM Journalism Professor Artie Bachmann. “You know, my grandchildren are always telling me to get on Twitter and ‘stop installing so many useless toolbars on my internet browser,’ but this way I can get all the news I need from my students without the hassle of paying a shady Computer Science student to set one up for me.”

While most students are pleased about the evolution of the paper, Scott Ang (CAS ‘16) has started a petition against the ending of the daily print publication.

“How am I supposed to get wrapping paper, padding for UPS shipments and toilet paper?” Ang said in a statement. The Political Science major’s petition has garnered over twenty signatures from students.

“We understand the concerns of a small minority of students,” explained Plantz. “But the fact of the matter is, we have a revolutionary new medium at our disposal and we are going to use it to its full potential.”

At press time, The Daily Free Press’ printer has a paper jam.

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