Herein lies a list of all Boston University students who have ever contributed to The Bunion throughout recorded history. We thank them for their journalistic integrity and for being with us every step of the way.

Class of 2022
Timothy Choi
Karen Martinez Novoa
Emmie Phillips

Class of 2021
Elaina Bernstein
Amber Born
Ethan Brown
Jake Kaplow
Lauren Kelmar
Young Lee
Maddy Schmidt
Serra Tekce
Danya Trommer
Grace Wise

Class of 2020
Jeremiah Broderick
Kai Hellberg
Frank Hernandez
Maddy Mermelstein
Hannah Petosa
Gigi Teverbaugh
Layla Wickwire

Class of 2019
Adam Bieda
Adam DeAngelo
Connor Gilheany
Karli Marulli
Nora Panahi

Class of 2018
Gabi Arriaga
Ross Bucher
Grace Condon
Morgan Lehofer
Allie Miller
Colin Mullins
Zach Schiffman
Emma Seslowsky
Sarah Sosland

Class of 2017
Amanda Clark
Jonah Eatman
Andrew Giustino
Alex Greene
Dan Leary

Class of 2016
Will Dowsett
Marc Finn
Sean Matuszak
Jasmine Miller
Emmy Parks
Jillian Richardson
Rachel Riley
Michael Sciortino
Laurel Tisserand
Rob Zappulla

Class of 2015
Mike Arthur
Ian Blau
Kyle Clauss
Jasper Craven
Evan Gott
Ross Huston
Chris Nolan

Class of 2014
Francesca Coveno
Lana Fernandez
Kevin Flynn
Jessica Hackel
Drew Hartman
Ryan Kell
Nicholas Monteleone
Ben Suehler

Class of 2013
Quinn Boyes
Chris Davis
Noah Eberhart
Martin Nolan
Jason Weitzman

If you are not listed on this page and you have contributed to The Bunion, please email us at and let us know what your contribution was and we will add you to the list! We apologize for any oversights!