COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION—Prospective students applying to BU have been excited to learn that College of Communication professors actually work in the journalism, advertising, public relations, and film industries, but when rising sophomores opened their registration portals Sunday morning, they discovered an unfortunate consequence.

“Yeah, we told you, we work in the industry. Like, in the industry. We have 9-5 jobs,” explained public relations professor Addison Labb. “So, I don’t see how it’s a surprise that our lectures are scheduled from 1-5:15 in the morning. What did you expect?”

Students reported taking pride in their professors’ industry experience and career connections, but disapproved of the timing of their classes. “I wanted to take FT310, but it conflicts with my extracurriculars,” reported Film & TV major Al Stinnkrall (COM ‘21). Stinnkrall continued to explain to The Bunion that fraternities are a very important way to make new friends and gain leadership experience, and in no way would he ever condone partying over academics.

At press time, the only open discussion sections were from 6-7:45AM, allowing students a luxurious 45 minutes of sleep each night.

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