COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION—COM Undergraduate Affairs is reportedly “fed up” with “pesky” students requesting to meet with the same advisor everytime they have an appointment.

Jen, an advisor at COM, has recently been dealing with such a student.

“I just want to make sure I get into all my classes next semester,” said May Lee (COM ’21), the student in question.

Jen and Lee had only met once before, in March, to discuss Lee’s plans for next semester. A few weeks after their initial meeting, Lee reached out via email to meet again. But much to her despair, Jen only replied with a short email saying, “I have a boyfriend.”

“She won’t stop contacting me,” an irritated Jen told The Bunion, although records show Lee only emailed her twice.

After a month without hearing from Jen, Lee decided to visit the Undergraduate Affairs Office to request a meeting in person.

“She can’t see you right now,” said Jen #2, an advisor who was at the front desk at the time. “If you want, you can meet with Jen #3,” she added.

Although the other Jens claimed Jen wasn’t working that day, Lee reportedly caught her peeking out from her office and quickly shutting her door.

“Is it too much to ask for an advisor who isn’t afraid of commitment?” Lee commented.

Shortly after interviewing Lee, The Bunion overheard Jen confronting her, telling her that she wouldn’t be able “meet her needs” and that she needed to “find someone else.”

“She’s literally camping outside my office right now, I don’t know what to do,” commented Jen (At the time, Lee was patiently sitting in the waiting area).

“I’m getting a restraining order,” Jen declared, before calling the BUPD to escort Lee out the building.

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