AGGANIS ARENA- Sunday, September 4th, almost 4,000 new freshmen were welcomed into the BU community. Among them were twenty very special 20-year-old students with perfect vision.

“They had this little group of kids stand up at matriculation. I don’t think they were all in the same major anything, but they were definitely kinda old and President Brown kept talking about how good their eyesight is. I don’t know,” commented Kacy Prescott (SHA ’20)

While the newest class of terriers was chosen for their many talents and accomplishments, such as organizing fundraisers and leading sports teams, these few students cited their impeccable vision as grounds for admission.

“Yeah, well I took a few years off from school and I was getting tired of being at home. I figured, hey, why don’t I include my optometrist results with my application? That can’t hurt, right? I didn’t expect to get in. This is cool,” shared one of the special 20, Jordan Yoo (CAS ’20).

These students have special arrangements to sit in the very back of their classes and campus events. They were provided with small-font admission material and syllabi.

“Maybe it’s because of the 20 thing? Like the class of 2020? I feel like no one’s really talking about that. I guess it’s just a really cute coincidence,” commented Dean Elmore on the newly admitted group.

At press time, President Brown refused to comment on whether these students’ admissions were part of a larger initiative to recruit students with special abilities for a new…project.

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