CAS—Three ambitious runners from BU have taken it upon themselves to start this year’s Boston Marathon a teensy bit early, despite considerable backlash. On Sunday, Brian Ruschak (ENG ’20), Parvati George (CAS ’18), and Nora Hanlon (COM ’18) took off from the marathon’s start location in Hopkinton, Mass.

The three overeager students ignored cries from the side of the road, urging them to play by the rules and wait until the race’s official start. An unnamed witness cried out, “This just doesn’t make sense!” We spoke to them briefly, as they got their controversial start.

“Well, we know we aren’t the best runners,” said Hanlon, panting loudly. “We figured that we could train for months and condition our bodies or whatever, or we could just start super ahead of time.” She and the other two students had to stop at an intersection, because police barricades aren’t blocking traffic yet.

The three runners obviously weren’t given official marathon numbers, so they stapled the numbers one, two, and three to their chests on computer paper. At press time, officials from the Boston Marathon confirmed that none of the three students actually qualified for the race.

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