CHARLES RIVER- Late Thursday night, The Charles River announced that it will be renamed “The Chuck River” for Casual Friday.

“We like to keep it chill on Fridays. I wanted a name that says, “I’m cool, I’m easy going, and I like to party,” said Chuck. “It’s all about the vibes.

Sources report that since his name change, Chuck has been spending more time on his esplanade.

BU students were happily submitting to The Chuck River’s request, while Harvard students were still dressed in suits and refused to call river anything other than “Charles”.

Friends of Chuck have said he is now even considering a switch from Questrom to COM.

Chuck says that it is his goal to make the annual Head of the Charles “the greatest party since that MIT party where a girl fell out of a window.”

Sally Tellow said, “he just less button-up these days. He’s more board short and less scuba suit.”

At press time, Chuck was sending tides westward for his own Allston Crawl.

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