Before leaving CGS to focus in one of BU’s specialized schools, CGS students are required to complete a capstone project with a team of other students. One group sparked controversy this week after presenting their plan to create a doomsday device.

The five students stood in front of a complicated diagram and passionately explained their project, which they say encapsulates everything they’ve learned over the past two years in CGS. When a professor asked them to stop mid-presentation, the students refused.

“You said we could do whatever we wanted to,” said Macey Allen (CGS ‘20), the leader of the group. “We want to hypothetically watch the world burn.”

The capstone project faculty are begging the group to create something, anything else, but the team has pointed out that there is actually no rule in the guidelines that says they can’t create a doomsday device.

Team member Grayson Revels (CGS ‘20) is confused about the opposition to their project.

“I don’t see the problem. It’s not like we’re gonna use it.”

The faculty anticipates having to take this issue to the University Board, where the team’s fate will hang in the balance. The campus debate will surely bring up important questions about censorship, freedom of speech, and the mental health of students stuck in CGS for 2 whole years.

Allen and her teammates have asked The Bunion to share the link to their petition, where they hope to get student support to complete their project. Learn more at .

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