COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS—Sources have confirmed that a first-year graphic design major is mulling over ideas for a second tattoo less than 24 hours after getting her first one, which depicts a silhouette of birds in flight emerging from a single black feather on her upper back.

“I had a few beers at my friend’s apartment in Allston to celebrate my eighteenth birthday, and I wanted to do something spontaneous,” said Rene Lagos (CFA ‘18). “Stingray Body Art was just right down the street–so I thought, why not?”

Lagos said she did not have an actual concept in mind for the tattoo, only the indescribable urge to mark herself for eternity, so she chose a design from a Stingray look-book at random.

“I knew in an instant it was the birds I wanted, even though it was only the first page of designs I looked at,” she said. “I’ve always been a free spirit.”

While she is considering subjects for her next tattoo, Lagos said it is unlikely that she will go in for her appointment knowing exactly what she wants.

“I was thinking about getting the infinity sign on my wrist in white ink, but I’ve heard the white fades,” she said. “It just doesn’t seem permanent enough. Maybe I’ll go with some Chinese characters or something.”

When asked if the Chinese language holds any cultural or personal significance, Lagos declined to comment.

Her next appointment at Stingray Body Art is set for October 1 at 3 p.m.

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