CFA — The College of Fine Arts, which was originally set to undergo a $100 million renovation, will now be replaced by a Giant CityCo.

President Brown explained the reasoning behind the decision.

“When I think about Boston University, I think about profit,” President Brown said. “People who graduate with musical theater degrees aren’t making me money, so why would I invest in them? With this new CityCo, the investment will be recouped 10 times over. That is true improvement.”

He’s right. Experts have estimated that BU will earn $500 million just from students in hoodies buying oversized bags of Cheeto puffs at 12:30am, let alone the profit from journalism majors who down two Yerba Mates before their afternoon discussion. 

However, not everyone is happy with this sudden change. Several CFA students have voiced their grievances. 

“This renovation was supposed to help students better their education,” Julia Streep, a junior majoring in Icelandic Folk Dance, said. “Now, the only place I can dance is the roof of CAS.” 

The construction team working on the renovation has also taken issue with the switch up.

 “We had 3 guys break their backs lifting pianos, only to find out we didn’t need to,” Construction worker Joe Barzzo said.

This new renovation is projected to finish around late May 2050, or “whenever the last student has left campus.”

At press time, there is no movement on the project, but still enough cones to make walking impossible. 

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