COMMONWEALTH AVE—As social media’s significance in the professional work environment grows exponentially, BU’s Center for Career Development has encouraged students to create professional SnapChat accounts to supplement their personal accounts.

“We’re cool, we’re young, and we know about SnapChat, and so do employers.” said Stacy Muñez, Associate Director of Counseling and Programs. “Five second videos of drunken karaoke at T’s or a selfie at 9 a.m. saying ‘still drunk’ is a surefire way to lose your chances of getting hired.”

Michael Monroe (CAS ‘15) just recently met with an advisor at CCD, and has since created a professional SnapChat account.

“I took some very professional Snaps taken in a suit tailored for my body,“ Monroe said.  “The CDC had a bunch of props to choose from for the photos: fountain pens, an old judge’s wig, one of those watches attached to a chain, and the Beagle that just won the Westminster Dog Show.

“The photo session was what I imagine a photobooth at The Monopoly Man’s bar mitzvah would be,” Monroe added.

Many graduates said wish they could have known about the benefits of an alternative account before they had graduated.

Erin McGill (COM ‘14), who just recently changed her name on Facebook to “Air In” in attempts to outwit search engine optimization, lost her job due to one of her legendary MyStories, which was 547 seconds long.

“It started with a picture of the American themed Svedka bottle with the caption ‘Smooth af’ and ended with a blurry picture of Quan’s fried rice that I spilled all over my bed to which I said ‘fuxk i lov kwans.’”

At press time, nearly every student was googling “Do pictures uploaded to SnapChat ever really disappear or are they still out there somewhere?”

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