BU ADMISSIONS CENTER – At 4:20PM last Monday, the BU Admissions Office reportedly rescinded a student’s acceptance for, quote on quote, “meme reasons,” following in the inflated footsteps of its across-the-Charles neighbor.

The student, Charlie Finger, was accepted early decision to the CAS class of 2022, according to a post he made in the “Official Boston University Class of 2022” Facebook group. There, he also claimed to be a fan of “working out, chilling with friends, partying, and Netflix,” and stated he was “looking for roommates and/or friends,” although the shirtless pictures attached to the post would imply there may have been ulterior motives.

However, Finger’s dream of chilling with bae in Bae State will go unfulfilled, as BU has rhettroactively rejected Finger due to troubling internet activity that was uncovered by Finger’s Facebook friend, Cy Odutoriam (CFA ‘22). “I was looking at Charlie’s Facebook groups, trying to figure out which BU 2022 group was official,” said Odutoriam. “And then I saw that he was a member of the BC meme page.”

Boston College’s official meme page, “Boston College Memes for Teens Who Are Neither In Boston Nor At a College,” had been joined by Finger in September of 2017, when he was “still deciding which school to apply to early,” but once he was admitted to BU, he allegedly forgot to remove himself from the BC meme page. As soon as this breach of etiquette was made known to admissions officers, Finger’s acceptance was rescinded.

BU has since released a statement condemning Finger and profusely apologizing for allowing BC-adjacent filth to be admitted to the university. The BU meme page has also released an official statement: a photoshopped picture of Finger’s face as the Distracted Boyfriend, with the girlfriend wearing a poorly edited BU cap and the other woman colored over with the BC logo.

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