When I first came to campus in September 2020, I was lonely and confused. Lonely because of BU’s new zero-friend policy for freshmen, and confused because I didn’t realize the “campus” everyone was talking about was just these concrete blocks along Comm Ave.

That miserable feeling didn’t last long, though. After a few days, the Dean Elmore sent me an email! I double-checked, and there were no email addresses besides mine! I was starstruck. I was honored.

“In this era of contagion, let us be cognizant of CDC guidance, broski,” the email read. “Close contact is only rad with persons in your pod or bubble of cohabitants, pals and/or family. Or as I prefer to call it, your gang-demic.”

I nodded, crestfallen. I had thought he was going to invite me to hang out. Instead, he was trying to keep me from hanging out with people. Then my tear-filled eyes landed on the last line of the email.

“My sincere regards, stay groovy, and remember, we shall get through this, for we are all one Terrier family. Warmly yours, your best BFF forever, Dean Kenneth ‘Kenmore’ Elmore.”

I blinked. He was right! I had heard it everywhere: from Admissions, from the Howard Thurman Center, from BUPD’s Reddit accounts. It all makes sense. I can socialize with no regard for COVID precautions with any student, faculty or staff member at BU, because we really are just a big family.

Ever since this realization, my life has been one non-stop party. I’ve made and French kissed so many new friends, and explored the architectural wonders of Allston basements. My newfound “family” has invited me into their homes with wide-open arms and mouths. This week, 25 of my closest friends and I have even been invited to an all-expenses-paid two-week retreat in HoJo!

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