WEST CAMPUS—In the face of an increasingly well-informed and hard to please readership, BU’s official news publication BU Today will be expanding the scope of their reporting to cover not only things that are happening in the present, but things that they believe might happen in the future as well.

“Students are well informed and hard to please these days,” says Art Jahnke, Executive Editor of BU Today. “It’s getting harder to surprise them with the news. We need a fresh way to hold their interest.” Jahnke says that from now on, BU Today plans to publish three or four daily articles by reporters predicting what might happen during the following day.

“We were going to start by predicting the weather, but later we realized that’s what weather forecasts do.” Jahnke explained. However, the publication’s staff believes that there’s plenty of predicting to be done besides the chance that it might rain. “When the election happens, we’ll just flip a coin and write one of the outcomes. If we’re right, it’ll save us the trouble of reporting on it the next day.”

Jahnke believes that this new focus will greatly expand the publication’s viewership. In October, BU Today will also incorporate a new feature called BU Yesterday, which features articles that were written on the previous day.

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