BOSTON UNIVERSITY — BU is set to launch BU+, an all-new streaming platform coming this spring. The announcement immediately made waves in the film and television world, with a source close to Reed Hastings of Netflix admitting that upon hearing of BU+, “Reed stopped eating his cereal and shrugged.” Both Hollywood elite and members of The Academy alike reportedly clamored to their agents in hopes of getting a multi-film contract at BU+. Unfortunately, the starring role in the most anticipated project from BU+ has already been cast. 

One Silber Way, a biographical limited-series on President Robert A. Brown himself is already the most anticipated show of the year. The drama will explore President Brown’s life from child, to adult, to president, and is already generating Emmy buzz. Boston-born-Avenger Chris Evans is slated to helm the show in the titular role. “I could not be more honored that BU+ trusted me to play the incredible President Brown in One Silber Way,” Evans said. “This is the role of a lifetime. All that Marvel stuff — Captain America or whatever — that was just a way into the industry. All of my career thus far has been a lead up to playing President Brown.” 

Other content slated to appear on the platform includes: Boston T Party, a zany sitcom about a group of silly friends who throw a party on the green line (hijinks ensue!); The Terrier, a filmed social experiment to see what happens when an infant is granted admission to the University and can go through adolescence knowing they have a bed waiting for them at Warren Towers; and Jay Walking, a poignant drama about first-year student Jay Walking who lives a double life as both an East Campus and West Campus-resident.  

There are many other features that users can look forward to seeing on the platform. The Hub, for example, will allow viewers the opportunity to watch more than one show at a time. Of course, nobody will be able to understand the Hub or explain how it works or know what the point of it is. Nonetheless, it will be on BU+ all the same. Users can also look forward to the highly-anticipated Collaborative Viewing feature. However, screensharing with other students is technically plagiarism and therefore will not be tolerated. 

BU+ also plans to have some non-fiction content on the platform, such as Security Camera Footage, which is just that: security footage from designated cameras around campus. Hosted by Jane Lynch, SCF will come at an additional fee to the initial subscription cost, however, if viewers are able to locate the South Campus Streaker, the fee is waived. 

Speaking of fees, a one-year subscription to BU+ costs a humble $1,200 (not including Premium Access to SCF.) Note: Boston University students can expect a different subscription price than regular users, costing more if bundled with tuition.

At publication time, E! News had officially declared Chris Evans “The Best Chris.” “There used to be Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt, and Pine,” a source at the organization noted. “But there is only one President Brown, so now there is only one Chris.” 

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