By: Ella Chandler 

As warmer weather allegedly is approaching, BU is thinking ahead about ways to keep the little ones active. After all, they should be getting more exercise than walking 5 minutes to catch an uber from Allston to Fenway since they don’t know how to use the T. Rumor has it the idea for the CGS playground originated from the CGS Student Government (why do they need their own student government when CGS doesn’t really count as it’s own college? who knows). I got a chance to talk to some CGS kids about the playground construction on their way out from a rhetoric lecture. Everyone was raving about the guest speaker, and it was a little hard to get them to focus after such an “amazing” speech (turns out it was Big Bird talking about the power of friendship). But I managed to have a few good conversations:

“The playground is like a shining star on the top of the Christmas tree!” said one student, who was sporting some pigtails and neon green bands on her braces. “My friends and I already have nap time and lunchtime, so recess just completes the day!” When asked what playground equipment she was looking forward to using, she said she doesn’t really use the equipment. She’s just excited to talk shit under the big slide and occasionally monopolize the four square court with her two best friends as they repeatedly cherry bomb the bitch in the first square.

Some students are excited about other playground benefits besides recess. I also chatted with Ryan Riverway, who said he’s looking forward to doing something else during his free time besides playing go-fish and dominos. He’s most excited about the kickball games that will be organized against local elementary schools. “I’m really excited to get back to my roots,” he commented. After a text notification from his iPod touch, he hustled away saying something about how his team needed to talk about pre-game strategy.

Let’s be honest: the playground will be a monumental addition to BU as a whole. We all need more physical activity in our lives, and what better way to get that exercise than playing with friends? The CGS kid motto is “they h8 us cuz they ain’t us,” and it’s true: I know y’all just be jealous of my light-up sketchers. Oops! Gotta go! Looks like I just got tagged! We’re doing a game of tag to celebrate the opening of the playground!

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