BU DATA SCIENCE CENTER—Jenga is the hottest game in the country, and on October 1, BU President Robert A. Brown announced that the university intends on finally giving the classic family board game a homebase by building a 17-floor Jenga tower on Commonwealth Avenue.

“Jenga has been a staple of game nights for families all around the globe, and with this new building we’ll make sure it stays that way,” said Brown. “With this building, Boston University will cement itself as the premier institution for block stacking.”

The proposed project would make Boston University the only university in the world to have a tower made out of interchangeable wooden blocks that, with enough messing around, could put the whole integrity of the building in danger.

At press time, Brown was seen by Bunion reporters mastering the delicate craft of Jenga stacking. Brown declined to comment on why the money to make the Data Science Center isn’t being used to renovate and fix already established buildings.

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