GALLERY 808—Administration was excited to announce new updates on the obstacle course being built next to Gallery 808 on the BU Bridge. The course currently consists of a concrete barrier, chain link fence, and rickety wooden planks.

“We’ve meticulously designed every element of the course,” explained Charles Plantain, a representative of BU at a press conference last Sunday. “The path is just narrow enough that you need to squish yourself against the fence if anyone is coming in the opposite direction, and the road is textured in a way that when it rains, giant puddles form that students need to splash through.”

The project has been championed by SHS as a great way for students to get even more exercise during their ten minute walk between classes every single day.

“Some students have called it inconvenient,” Plantain said. “We prefer the term ‘fun.’”

Obstacles being installed this weekend include four foot tall hurdles, which students will need to arduously climb over, as well as a rope ladder and balance beam. Additionally, future plans to expand the course call for flaming hoops, pit traps, and an Indiana Jones-style boulder to chase students down the length of the bridge.

At press time, BU is moving ahead with its plan to eventually convert the entire 135 acre campus into a giant death trap.

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