MUGAR—Members of the IT Help Center in Mugar Library are reportedly attempting to just ignore the open folder of pornographic images and videos on a laptop they received just now.

Employees confirmed that the student, Brian Griese (CAS ’16), has no idea that he left the folder right there, on his desktop, where everyone could see it.

“Let me just clarify; we’re all curious,” said IT Help Center employee Grant Young (COM ’15). “And we’re all extremely uncomfortable.

But that doesn’t change the fact that we’re not here to make any assumptions about a student’s private life.”

“But at the same time, really?” Young continued. “I mean, it’s right fucking there. How could he not have seen it?”

Other employees displayed similar reactions to the student’s blatant inability to recognize that something was out of place.

“My question is, does this happen often?” asked Rebecca Sweetwater (SMG ’15). “This seems like the work of someone who’s either completely technologically illiterate, or just absolutely disgusting.

“Or, of course, just an impressionable kid going through a breakup,” she continued. “I mean, what if he wanted us to see it? Oh my god, this is awful.”

At press time, Griese was waiting on the other side of the desk, wondering why his MyPrint account error was causing so many horrific looks.

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