By: Luciano Foranoce

On Thursday, the BU administration sent out a shocking email to the student body. The subject of this email was something no one could have expected — a change to BU’s colors. The email noted that a meeting to discuss this change would take place later that day.

Upon entering the fluorescently-lit room in a random building on campus, a panel of administrators showed a preview of a mean, green, not-so-clean logo for BU’s next academic year. Students were visibly red. Red with anger, red in BU clothing, and red because the building they were in had no air conditioning.

During the red hot meeting, one member of the administration stepped up to try desaturating the conflict.

 “A color change was long overd-hue.” There was a very awkward silence after. The same member followed up, “Orange you glad we didn’t pick blue?” An uproar began, and this staff member was escorted out of the room, red with embarrassment.

There were different shades of anger throughout the student population, and many different gradients of opinions. Some students were feeling blue, while others felt that the new colors had brightened their day. Many felt their voices were not heard, marooned by administration. One student, Amber Grayson (CFA ‘23), said, “I was really left questioning the administration’s tone. I guess this is them showing their true colors.”

In the follow-up meeting, administration showed an “improved” concept, which was just the same image as before but slightly less blurry. As administrators began to speak, the doors burst open. Those on the panel were flushed white, while students were blushing red to see Artoo himself enter the meeting room, floating off the ground and eyes glowing, demanding that the colors stay the same. How did he learn to speak? Oh well. Apparently, somewhere in the rules that no one reads, Artoo gets final say in all BU administrative decisions, he just chooses not to use this godlike power on actual decisions.

At press time, many members of the administration thought the color change would be an easy, black-and-white decision to make. Some members still seem a bit jaded.

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