GEORGE SHERMAN UNION – With the departure of the 2014 Terriers and arrival of the Class of 2018, the BU female-to-male ratio has now shifted to a staggering 65:35. However, it appears that male students are perfectly okay with it.

“Yeah, it’s a bit odd when you look down a row in lecture and don’t see another guy, but having so many girls around really helps me work on my sensitivity,“ said John Uruzuki (CAS ’17) while staring unblinkingly at reporters.

“It also really helps you bond with few other dudes on campus,” commented Zach Milewski (COM ’16). “Whenever I walk to class and I see a buddy stuck in a group of six girls, I can bail him out and give him that in-between-class bro time we need away from girls.”

For some students, few things have changed, especially when it comes to the classroom.

“As a Woman’s Studies major, I’m used to always being one of eight guys in a class and often lecture,” noted Sammy Freeman (CAS ’17). “Honestly, this gives the rest of the guys on campus a real chance to get in touch with their female counterparts.”

At press time, party-going students were still struggling to sort out their gala’s male-to-female ratio of 95-to-5.

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