SILBER WAY—In a press conference Monday, Boston University President Robert Brown announced plans to cut 90% of funding from the School of Education’s facilities as a test of their newly proposed financial model designed to let the University’s colleges and departments fend for themselves.

“Boston University is still trying to raise a billion dollars, and we know that the School of Education has an amazingly generous alumni network with vast resources and large endowments, so we think they can handle themselves just fine,” Brown said. “Teachers today make nearly twice what they made 90 years ago, so they’re probably fine without our help, after alumni donations and other what-have-yous.” He then went on to detail that most of the funding cuts will occur in professor salary, building repairs, and resources for the students.

Stacy Rodriguez (SED ‘15) thinks the budget cuts are more than fair. “Last week, as I studied and watched water leak through the ceiling onto the computers that still run Windows 98, I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t our budget be better allocated elsewhere?’ I mean, we have everything we need already. I’m glad that President Brown has the sense to allocate the money where it is truly needed.”

President Brown concluded the press conference by reiterating that SED would be fine on its own, before briefly announcing plans for a new $40 million student housing project, which would be open to all university students except those in the School of Education.

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