BU’S SCENIC AEGEAN COAST, FORMERLY THE BU BEACH — As part of a series exploring BU’s many diverse ethnic communities, BU highlighted an apparently reimagined fixture of its campus this week: the Ethnically Greek Rock.

“It has been a literal cornerstone – get it? – of BU’s Greek life, I mean vibrant Greek community, for years, definitely not just hours,” said Tyfni Smith, director of BU Diversity and Inclusion’s new Hellenic Initiative.

As traditional Greek Nisiotika music filled the air with the melodies of lyres and bouzouki on a recent morning, BU students were surprised to see the familiar rock painted in the bright blue and white pattern of the Greek flag, with a Greek fisherman’s hat on top. On closer inspection, a Bunion reporter discovered that what appeared to be white paint was actually delicious tzatziki sauce. Similarly, the grass around the base of the rock had been replaced with a Greek salad from the dining hall.

Kappa Epsilon Gamma member Craig Brockton said he supported the emphasis on BU’s rich cultural tapestry. “Bro, I tolerate everyone,” he insisted. “I love Greesy food, like those, uh, gyroscopes, they’re mad good covered in sriracha. And if I’m sober, I can kinda read those funny frat symbols, so I pretty much speak the language.”

The Bunion reached out to Dimitris Theodoropoulos (CAS ‘22), BU’s Greek student, for comment about the rock. “The what?” he said.

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