ALLSTON — At 11:30 pm on Friday night, the final event of rush week for BU frats, took place. Brothers everywhere completed their pledging processes by accepting “bids” from the frats they have been rushing. Though the pledging and bidding process is typically smooth sailing, this pledge season one freshman took Ashford and Pratt Street by storm.

Rhett Bench, (CAS ‘Indefinite), pledged many of BU’s well-known frats, including Pike, Kappa Sig, AEPI, Sig Ep, Chi Pi, and more. Rumors say he even placed a bid with BU’s new environmental fraternity, Epsilon Eta.

It’s easy to see the appeal that Bench brings to the table.

“He is just completely ripped, you feel? Perfect door duty material,” said Brad Dubois, Sig Ep President. Dersch Hershfield, events chair of AEPI told the Bunion that “Rhett looks wayyyyyy older than he is …he can totally hook us up with the juice.” Chi Pi member Wrench McLovin said that he “just knows how to talk to chicks big time. Super jacked.”

After learning that Bench had not rushed just one, but most fraternities, brothers from various organizations became competitive. Previously friendly relationships between fraternities, some of which even usually throw “bangers” and “dagers” together, have reportedly soured over the recruitment of Bench. Towards the final hours of bid night, it became clear that it was every frat for themselves in an all out battle for Bench’s final bid.

Luckily for Allston’s elite, Pike victoriously took home Bench. President Chadwick Rogers told The Bunion, “that it’s just been a total honor even to be considered. We are stoked to have Rhett bid, we know that his class is just gonna bring us to the next level. See you at our next Dage.”

At press time, Bench was seen preparing himself to eat a so called, “Ookie Cookie” along with his fellow pledges, kicking off the hazing process. Congratulations, boys.

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